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Writing Skills Progression


At Farne Primary School, we enhance our writing skills through the Talk for Writing process, incorporating the analysis of a model text during 'Reading as a Writer.' This approach allows children to comprehend the language choices made to evoke specific effects on the reader. Utilising this analysis, we collaboratively build a Writing Toolkit to assist in our own writing endeavours. The tools featured in the toolkit are honed through activities like 'Short Burst Writing' and 'Shared Writing,' ultimately finding application in our independent writing tasks. Each toolkit item encompasses a language feature, its intended impact, and a corresponding example, providing a comprehensive guide for effective writing.


See the links below which show how each toolkit progresses as children build on their knowledge on their writing journey at Farne. Revisiting each toolkit across the different phases allows children to embed prior learning and develop ideas further. Although toolkits are co-constructed as a class, the toolkits below are used to guide our model texts, planning and teaching to ensure that children are exposed to a wide variety of language choices and have opportunities to practise and build upon them as they progress through school.