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At Farne, we are  very proud of our curriculum and the opportunities we provide for all of our children. We work hard to ensure the curriculum is broad and balanced and allows all children to know success and achievement. Nurturing our children to ensure they are happy and supported is a priority for us and we have a dedicated PSHCE programme and strong school ethos to ensure we value the whole child.  


Everything begins with our curriculum drivers. They are woven through all that we do at Farne and underpin our shared belief that our role is to support children in aspiring to achieve, ensuring every child becomes a confident individual, successful learner and a responsible citizen. 


At Farne, we strongly believe it is our responsibility to show children that there is a world of possibility awaiting them, outside of the school gates. At Farne, our whole curriculum is developed through our curriculum intent, implementation and the impact of the curriculum.

To provide an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to and widens the experiences of our children and nurtures their development  in order to prepare them for the challenges they will face and inspire a love of knowledge, learning and life. 


The highest standards of education in English and maths are provided. There is a commitment to staff training and the provision of challenge for our pupils. We strive, at every key stage, to ensure our children reach their full potential and to assess and monitor progress to ensure this is continued throughout their time with us. 


The skills taught within English and maths are embedded throughout the whole curriculum through a planned link to basic skills and all learning will be explicit to pupils. 


  • Learning is organised and revisited so children are able to encode and store information effectively to support retrieval from long term memory 


  • Retrieval of knowledge, skills and vocabulary is revisited regularly through a spaced review of learning through curriculum passports 


  • Learning is developed over time with a focus on a greater depth of application


  • Staff skills are utilised to ensure high quality teaching in subject specialism


Our children will:


  • Have secure literacy and maths skills which will support them in their next phase of education and beyond


  • Have experienced a broad and balanced curriculum which meets individual needs, challenges, motivates and inspires their thinking to ensure love of learning for life


  • Develop, over time, a deep understanding of concepts within subject areas which secures knowledge and skills into long term memory


  • Have a range of experiences including a residential experience by year 6,   forest school , beach school, farm school and factory school learning 


  • Engage in an education based on experience, knowledge, understanding, vocabulary and skills which builds cultural capital for our children 


  • Be physically fit and healthy, be able to swim 25 meters or a length suitable to their needs


  • Be confident, respectful, resilient, responsible and engaged young people who are engaged in school and their community


Our Curriculum Drivers below are the foundational themes that form the backbone of every child's educational journey during their time at Farne. They serve as the golden thread running through our curriculum, ensuring every facet of learning contributes to our core goals: nurturing confident individuals, empowering successful learners and shaping responsible citizens. These drivers create a unified and purposeful educational experience, enabling our children to thrive. 


Click below to find out more about our curriculum's guiding themes.


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