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Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)


Looking after our wellbeing and mental health is something we should all do. It is very important that we look after ourselves both physically and mentally. 


There are ways we can support ourselves:


- Try mindful colouring

- Play a  board game with  family members

- Avoid too much time on social media or media

- Chatting to our friends or family over a virtual platform

- Go for a walk in the local area

- Taking part in some exercise

- You could have a family fitness challenge!


However, there are times you may feel that you need external support. If you have concerns over your child's mental health - which includes ongoing anxieties, you can contact Single Point of Access to seek advice, support or refer your child (03031231147) or you can speak to Mrs. Thompson (SENDCo).


There are some free online services which are confidential and provides anonymous support:

Children's and Family Hub Support

Galafield Centre Support Groups