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Farne Primary School's Year 6 Buddies are the unsung heroes of our school community. These older students take on the role of mentors and guides for our youngest learners in Early Years. Assigned to specific classes, they build meaningful relationships with the younger children, making their transition into school life smoother and more enjoyable. Buddies introduce the little ones to engaging playground games and wellbeing activities, ensuring they feel comfortable and included during playtime. Their assistance even extends to supporting first-aiders with low-level playground injuries. In the dining hall during lunchtime and assemblies, these responsible and caring buddies lead the way, guiding their peers and demonstrating respectful behaviour, making them exemplary role models for our school. Farne Primary School's buddies embody the spirit of empathy, leadership, and unity that defines our school community.



See some of our Buddies in action!





Farne's Eco Team is the driving force behind our school's commitment to sustainability. These dedicated students take on significant responsibilities to make our school greener and more eco-friendly. During Recycling Week, they took the lead, launching the brand new 'recycling monsters' during lunchtime, encouraging everyone to minimize landfill waste. They diligently check classroom recycling bins each day to ensure that every class is helping to make a difference to our eco-conscious efforts. Meeting regularly, the Eco Team brainstorm ideas and strategies to reduce our carbon footprint, take better care of our school environment and inspire their peers to take action. They really do exemplify Farne's commitment to nurturing responsible global citizens!



Meet some of our Eco Team!





Farne Primary School's School Council is a proactive, dynamic group of student representatives who are proud to have left a lasting impact on our school life. They stand as the voice of their peers, advocating for change and improvements with eloquence and conviction. Their influence has been felt in various aspects of our daily routine. For instance,  they reimagined our dining service, fostering a more social and inclusive experience that better prepares children for life beyond Farne. Children now sit in mixed-age groups, with friends, siblings, and neighbours, expanding their social circles and promoting mutual support. Older students serve as inspiring role models for their younger peers. They've also they championed the establishment of a sanitary station in the girls' toilets, ensuring that essential hygiene products are easily accessible. Additionally, the School Council played a pivotal role in shaping the school's anti-bullying policy, ensuring it is child-centred and effective, especially in the lead-up to Anti-Bullying Week. Their commitment to planning exciting activities to commemorate this occasion exemplifies their dedication to creating a welcoming school environment. 



Take a look at some of the changes our school council have made!