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At Farne Primary School, we believe in developing a reading culture throughout the school by creating welcoming book areas in all classrooms, by providing a recently refurbished school library hosting a variety of books, and by raising the profile of reading through a print rich environment, attractive book displays and promoting the written word at all times. We also recognise that reading is a core tool for life and we aim to foster a love for reading in all of our pupils through inviting authors and story tellers into school to work with the children as well as by hosting creative reading competitions such as ‘reading in unusual places’. Reading skills are taught through phonics, guided reading, reciprocal reading, peer reading, comprehension and shared reading across our whole curriculum.





Through reading, pupils are introduced to new vocabulary that can then be used in their own writing and speech. We foster our love of reading through providing a rich environment which stimulates and encourages children’s reading. We believe in engaging all pupils and have a variety of resources in each class including puppets, story sacks, role play resources and books to develop different interests of the children. From the Foundation Stage and into Key Stage 1 pupils will enjoy a range of texts allowing them to build up knowledge of rhythm, rhyme and pattern in language.


Please take a look at our Phonics section for more information on the teaching of reading at Farne.






In Key Stage 2, we seek to nurture and amplify the love of reading that started in Key Stage 1. Through a dynamic blend of independent reading, engaging reading skills lessons, and immersive shared reading experiences in our English classes, we develop and extend our children’s reading skills.


It is our hope that our students don't just read; they embark on thrilling adventures through the pages of a myriad of genres, from the enchanting realms of fiction to the illuminating corridors of non-fiction. With each book they open, they not only access new worlds but also unleash their creative potential, engaging with and showing a deep understanding of the stories they encounter.


In a purposeful learning environment, we encourage our students to become literary detectives, always seeking to unravel the mysteries of tone and purpose within the texts they encounter. We don't merely skim the surface; we encourage them to dive deep into the themes and messages within texts, all while considering the diverse audience these words are meant to touch.


Through guided reading groups, we provide personalised support and foster a community of readers who discuss, dissect, and delight in the written word together. Most importantly, we fan the flames of reading for pleasure, igniting a lifelong passion for books that will accompany our students on their educational journey and beyond.

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