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At Farne Primary School, our Geography curriculum intends to harness children’s curiosity and fascination about the world around them and its diverse population, understanding its interconnectedness and their place in it. Through our geography topics we hope to provide a means of exploring, appreciating and understanding the Earth as a multi-faceted place, its resources, natural and human environments and key physical and human processes.


Geography is, by nature, an investigative subject, and one which we hope, through fieldwork and trips, will develop children’s competence in specific geographical skills  such as mapwork, aerial photographs, observation and data collection and analysis, while using high level, subject specific vocabulary accurately. We intend to facilitate children to have significant levels of originality, imagination or creativity with regards to their interpretations and representations of the subject matter, developing their own reasoned arguments and drawing their own conclusions.


See our Curriculum Map for History and Geography.


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At Farne, we recognise that Geography is more than just a study of space and place over time, but rather, it is about instilling a love of the world that we live in and seeing ourselves as stakeholders who will influence the future. Our Geography curriculum aims to develop our children’s sense of responsibility as stewards of our ever changing world. Particularly, we encourage the children to have a commitment to sustainable development and give them an insight into the complex challenges and opportunities faced by people and environments including pollution and climate change.


At Farne, we understand that children cannot aspire to things that they have never encountered and we aim to bring our curriculum to life through the use of visits, visitors and enriching experiences by providing first hand opportunities that take advantage of the geographical landmarks in our locality including the beach and local rivers. Through these hands-on learning opportunities, we hope to light up future pathways to fulfilling lives of employment in the geographical field.


We aim to produce independent and evaluative thinkers and as a result, we purposefully teach Geography from a variety of different perspectives; local, national, global and cultural. Sitting within our rich humanities curriculum, Geography enhances our children’s understanding, empathy and decision making as responsible global citizens. Our topics encourage children to ask questions, propose possible solutions to the dynamic and diverse issues our planet faces.  

Our Geography subject lead is Mrs S Kilpatrick.


If you have any questions about our Geography curriculum, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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