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Sustainability and Sense of Belonging

At Farne Primary School, our Curriculum Driver: 'Sustainability and Sense of Belonging' first and foremost shows our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging which stretches beyond our school gates. We seek to cultivate a profound understanding of each child's place in the world, celebrating diversity, championing equality and embracing the beauty of different cultures, beliefs and family structures. Our aim is to empower our children with the emotional intelligence, tolerance and empathy needed to thrive in our richly diverse global community, uniting them with love and respect for all. 


Looking to the future, we also hope to ignite a passion in our children to become lifelong caretakers of our precious planet, to preserve it for future generations. We hope to inspire them to embrace the Earth and to appreciate the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. By teaching them to reduce, reuse and recycle as well as helping them to learn practical ways to minimise their carbon footprint, we aim to develop responsible global citizens.